Hunting in the mountains

Ammo is designed for longer shots, the Spanish mountain goats are cautious animals is a challenge to hunt - every time.

It was a beautiful morning. Sun from blue sky’s. Weak winds. The air is cold, but if you stay in the sun, here is nice and warm. The air is fresh on the virgin way that you only find in the fledgling days of spring. The mountains surrounding the village, rises with large white fracture surfaces between the green pine forests. It is swarming with ibex. Wherever you point the telescope, you see one or several animals after just a few moments. It is not unusual to see 200 different animals on a single day.

Spejder i bjergene

Binoculars are frequently in motion during the initial reconnaissance then comes the big heavy telescope in use.

We'll return with more details, but just wanted to share with you that we are again check out new districts, and telling you the way to the great hunting experiences in European countries.
The trip here was smooth. Even the cheaper airline systems are carrying weapons – iff you pay for it - and the local customs is a clean and smooth formality.
We arrived three hunters and a photographer here yesterday afternoon, and immediately went to zeroing the scopes in an abandoned mining pit - see the short film below.
Then we went up above the city, to a beautifully situated viewing point from which we saw plenty of shootable bucks, but none that was so close that it made sense to try to stalk them - but it certainly succeed today.

So this story is to be continued - here at Hunter Magazine ....