Less hunters teams up

The hunt in Sweden is very divers and cover species from moose to goose.

The last four years has just been downhill for the Swedish Jägereförbundet. In 2008 they had 193,276 members but now they are down to 179,106. It is a relatively dramatic escape from the Swedish hunting organization of 7.3%, but the membership decline has actually been going on for the past ten years.
In Sweden there are approximately 263,000 hunters who pay the required hunting license, but surveys show that up to 563,000 Swedes go hunting one or more days a year. When the Swedish hunting association - Jägereförbundet - recently got a new chairman, they also got a new objective: In 2020 the organisation needs to embrace 250.000 members.
Right now there is little evidence that any particular target like this is realistic, and the goal is probably no closer since the Swedish Hunters' Association also decided to raise membership fees to 600 SEK – an equivalent to some 80€.