Manhunt in Zimbabwe

Guy Venter in a concentrated moment under the advance against the five armed poachers.

Sunday the 19th of February saw a group of Danish hunters and their local PHs with the armed ranger who followed the hunt, a group of armed poachers on elephant hunting in northern Zimbabwe. The group immediately received regulatory approval to engage the poachers and immediately went into action. Since these poachers have been hunted in the wild and abandon area where the company Gazanya is running a commercial big game hunting operation.
Monday the 28th of February, the poachers was surrounded just after sunset, where they was about to camp for the night close to that elephant, they had just killed and taken tusks from.
In the ensuing crossfire, two of the poachers was killed, two wounded and fled the scene along with the last of the five, who apparently escaped unharmed from the encounter.
The local police are now investigating the case, searching for the wounded and fleeing, and trying to identify those who where killed.