New Chairman for Nordic hunters

In Scandinavia there are a million people who passionately share a love of all that is out there – on the picture some Scandinavian hunters are planning the next hunt.

Nordisk Jægersamvirke is a Scandinavian hunting organization that includes Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. The synergy represents approximately 600,000 hunters whom are organized in the respective national hunting organizations, but of course Nordisk Jægersamvirke is also very important for the further almost 400,000 Nordic hunters who have chosen to be non-membership of a national hunting club.
Nordisk Jægersamvirke is especially the Nordic hunters voice in the European hunting organization FACE, and is also active in European lobbying especially in EU parliamentary system.
Swedish Björn Sprängare was at the last meeting of NJS elected its vice-chairman.
Lauri Kontro is chairman of the 150,000 Finnish hunters organized in Soumen Metsåstäjäliitto – The Finnish Hunters Organisation.